Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration.

I firmly believe that the way instrumental music is taught should reflect the way it is performed. In an orchestra or while playing chamber music, musicians come together to create the best musical object they can, and share that experience with their audience. I believe that learning should happen in an environment that fosters and encourages such a sense of togetherness. In my view, the teacher should not be a detached "master", giving directions from on high, but rather an experienced partner, guiding and directing the students toward a shared musical goal. In a university studio setting, I believe in fostering a Community of Learning, a community where all individual students (and teacher) take an active responsibility for each other's success. Drawing from successful social learning environments like El Sistema, I institute large scale chamber music, student coachings, and my revolutionary system of "practice buddies." This collaborative environment goes all the way throughout a student's academic career, including audition preperation; I composed a set of Excerpt-Etudes for collaborative audition preperation, forthcoming in fall 2018 from Apaka music publishing.